This is the list of Player characters who are currently in game:

Aoibheann FeverfewEdit

Female Human Paladin of Freedom devoted to Pelor.


Aoibheann was born and raised in the countryside outside of the bustling city of Sonnestrom. Her parents had long wished for a child, but were slightly disappointed when she arrived, a tow-headed girl. When Aoibheann's twin brothers arrived several years later, the Feverfews were thrilled though their small homestead was not sufficient to provide a living for so many.

Growing up, Aoibheann showed great aptitude for physical trials, as she was agile, athletic, and competitive. She also came to be the problem-solver among the other children, often intervening in their disputes, either to mediate between the two sides or to impose swift and fair judgment on those who had done wrong. When she was of an appropriate age, it was Aoibheann herself who volunteered to join the Monastic Order of Pelor as a paladin, such that she could put her skills to good use and alleviate the financial burden on her parents.

Upon arriving to the failing monastery, Aoibheann met and befriended a young monk by the name of Li. During her years of paladin training, Aoibheann often relied in her friend Li for moral support and for companionship. Together they watched as the place they so cared for deteriorated around them. Eventually, they developed a plan to begin adventuring for profit, coming to the aid of anyone they encountered and putting aside funds for their monastery in the process. When they met an enthusiastic gnome bard by the name of Fnipper, their adventuring team finally felt complete. Soon after they registered with the Adventurer's Guild and set off into the unknown to with grand intentions.

Binnpnottin Caramip Turen "Fnipper"Edit

Female Gnome Bard

Fnipper was born in Fellwheel, a cloistered community which had the sole mission of the advancement of alchemy. From the start, she was marginalized for her frivolity and lack of dedication. Fnipper was finally relegated to dealing with the traders that provied the communities needs for alchemic merchandise. The rest of the community did not want to work with outsiders, so this arrangement seemed to solve both matters. In the end, it was Fnipper's only redeeming trait that took part in her leaving the community; she possessed an insatiable curiosity.

While trading with the merchants, she learned tales of the outside world and the beauty of song. Music existed in her community but occasion to hear it was rare. When she expressed interest in furthering her blossoming passion, she was ridiculed and pressured to refocus her studies. As an act of defiance, she abruptly left the only home she knew to improve and spread her song.

Upon arriving at the bustling city of Sonnestrom, Fnipper came across Li, a quiet but friendly monk, and Aoibheann, a precocious and strong-minded paladin, both hailing from Pelor's monastary. As it turned out, they were setting out on a mission to raise funds for their failing monestary by signing up with the Adventurer's Guild. Realizing that it would be foolish to travel alone and that these two are good-hearted people and would be traveling far and wide, she offered her services as a bard to aid their efforts.

Song ListEdit

The Ballad of Mara and Paul- The bittersweet tale of the groups first adventure.

Aoibheann, Aoibheann the Slaying Queen- Characterizes Aoibheann though recounting her exploits.

  • Includes: her signature sword throwing technique, her firey personality, as well as her deceptive strength and expertise

Duncan Da Door Destroyer- Characterizes Duncan through recounting his exploits.

  • Includes: his compulsion to destroy doors (for nothing can bar his way), his personality being stern, righteous, and dutiful, and the use of his sun hammer (symbolizing the power of his faith)

Flying Boat Bandits- Spreads word that there are actual Flying Boat Bandits.

Platonic Li- Reveals what's within the man of few words.

  • Includes: his fighting prowess despite his peaceful nature, his loyalty to his home and commrads, and has become a patron of mothers

Oh My God, Squiggly Monsters!- A cautionary ballad of outsiders from the far planes.

If You Agree to Help a Wizard- How a seemingly simple task ultimately lead to participating in a land war.

Gems EnchantedEdit

Duncan DorasterEdit

Male Human Paladin of Justice devoted to Pelor

Li ShaofengEdit

Male Human Monk

Li was raised from infancy at a small monastery dedicated to Pelor in Sonnestrom, where he was taken in after his birth parents determined they could not support another child. All the information that his fellow monks could supply to him regarding his family was that his mother and father also had another son with them, a few years older than Li, and that they seemed to be genuinely sorry to have to give up their second child due to their financial burdens. Though Li accepts this tale of his birth and subsequent adoption, it is no small wonder that one of the driving motivations in his life is to aid the underprivelaged wherever he can.

Li grew up to be a well-behaved, calm and disciplined member of the monastary and Sonnestrom community in general, often taking on odd jobs around town wherever he saw a need. His interests are simple and few; he has been known to garden, record events and observations in multiple journals, and though he is a blacksmith by trade, he has an aversion to weapons himself.

His uncomplicated and generally fulfilling life took a turn for the adventurous when it became clear that his monastary was in dire need of funding, and in imminent danger of shutting their doors forever. Teaming up with his childhood friend Aoibheann, Li set out to raise money for the monastary and is the official leader of their adventuring guild--on paper, anyway. Diplomatic and careful by nature, Li is comfortable enough in his unofficial position as the organizer of the group, but often defers to the opinions and decisions of his traveling companions, coming to trust and rely on them more and more with each mission they tackle. Yet the world outside of his peaceful and rather sheltered life in Sonnestrom proves to be more shocking and foreign than Li had ever thought possible. With each passing day he finds himself learning more about the world's peoples and places, and questioning previously unchallenged schools of thought.

Luna AraielEdit

Female Elven Rogue

Forest Elf by pepperw

Luna Araiel

Early on in life Luna displayed traits of extreme curiosity and went on missions of exploration, to the great dismay from family members. Being so young, Luna had gotten into trouble with neighbors who found her rummaging through their things while dressed as if she were an adventuerer. Ignoring the fact that she was makeing a huge mess, the neighbors didn't press charges on the grounds that she was adorable in an oversized cloak asking if they could see her.

Her parents blamed a friend Elu Arcamenel who was part of a local theifs guild, who often told her stories of such adventures. Luna couldn't get such thoughts out of her head and decided to follow in his foot steps. At first she made many mistakes on her quest of being just as talented as he was, but after years of guidence from Elu, Luna really began her personal journey to being a Rogue.

Luna eventually joined the very guild that Elu Arcamenel himself, was a part of. She started off simple, picking pockets and little thefts here and there. Later she moved on to more challenging treasures. The guild saw the dedication in her and refered her to an old guild master who was willing to train her further. He was a great teacher who showed his age but his mind was as sharp as ever. His name was Feanor Mithrandir and he valued a well rounded individual and made her practice all sorts of skills, knowing that she may need them in various situations. Stealth was perhaps her favorite skill she learned from him, he once ordered her to practice and try to sneak up on him and other guild members. She didn't really know what to do after she was done sneaking, so she usually announced that she was behind or near guild members after a minute or so.But after that one day, she swore she'd never do that again. One member was overly jumpy and had nearly stabbed her in the side.

Luna is naturally a trusting elf but once that trust is broken, she will seek retribution. Her teacher tried to instill the belief that you can't openly trust everyone. He believed that you should always be aware of those around you, in case they are actually decietful. Luna really had a hard time with this lesson and drived her teacher into frustrated rage. Another lesson he tried to instill her, and not jusst him, her whole family and guild, tried to teach her that other races are not to be trusted. Feanor Mithrandir, tried many times to get Luna to see that. He did this through her training, by exposing her to the treasherous ways of humans, and etc. During one such moment where she was wronged by 3 humans she was so affronted that she tracked them all down, stole every last item that they owned and sold them off to anyone she could find. At some point she eventually started giving them away to strangers along the road. Luna never forgot that moment and it did make her a little bitter about other races, but she still gave all races a chance.

Once it was time for her to go off by herself, Luna moved to a new city to experience more challenges that involved greater treasure. She never forgot her training from both Elu and Feanor, and hoped to one day return to them and feel equal.


Adult Nuaz Flayth

Nuaz FlaythEdit

Male Tiefling Warlock.

Nuaz was born 27 years ago on the outskirts of Sonnestrom. He does not know his birth parents, as they gave him up at birth to a completely human family. Why these people would have accepted a red skinned child with glowing eyes and a tail is still lost on Nuaz. However, his new parents still cared for him as if he was in fact their own blood kin.

Growing up on the outskirts of Sonnestrom protected Nuaz from most difficulties he may have encountered if he lived in the city itself. Living in a rural close knit farming community meant that he was begrudgingly accepted for who he was. Although everybody knew he was related in some way to demons, they never brought it to light. Perhaps they feared him, but more likely they simply did not care, as Nuaz was by all accounts completely mentally stable, and acted completely human. When he turned 16, however, the stability quickly disappeared.

He began to experience unusual changes in his body, and how he felt. Unfortunately for him, it was not the entry into hairy, voice cracking, pubescence. Instead he started to notice that he began to make people uncomfortable. For reasons unknown to him, his friends, fellow townspeople, and even his parents began to avoid him.

Nuaz began to feel angry and jealous towards the townspeople. He thought them to be racists, cowering fools who did not wish to confront him. They were envious of his kind. He told himself in his mind over and over how he was superior to these humans.

One day at the ripe age of 18, Nuaz confronted his adopted father. That day Nuaz’s thoughts were particularly powerful, compelling him to act out, to confront the weak humans. Nuaz demanded to know why the father was such a weak fool, and a coward for being jealous of Nuaz. When the father tried to deescalate the situation and leave the room, Nuaz struck out and killed his father in a fit of rage with a farming sickle. The mother entered the room shortly after, and noticed her dread husband bleeding out on the ground. As she shrieked, Nuaz heard a distant echo in the back of his mind utter a word. In turn Nuaz felt his arm straighten out in front of him, and uttered the word. A sickly green flame sprouted from his hand, and burst on his mother’s head, killing her instantly. He did not regret his actions. He only felt good, and the whisper in the back of his mind agreed. TBC

Characters no longer being playedEdit

Zidane - Male Half-elven Ranger

Marcus Beltran - Male Cleric of St. Cuthbert