Session 1==

The story begins when Li, Aoibheann and Fnipper gathered together to create an adventuring party to raise money for the failing monastary that Li belonged to. Seeing a younger paladin with less experience and a competing ideology go out worried Duncan, and he made to follow the party.

Li's newly formed party, the Sonnestrom Questers, took on a job from the city courier's guild - one of thier routes had two couriers disappear the last two months, and they needed to find out what had happened to them.

After several weeks on the road, they are nearing the last village on the Northeast Road - Escaroth. Every previous village got their mail. Upon nearing Escaroth, they discovered an overturned wagon with the Couriers Guild seal on it - but the lockbox was missing. Speaking with the guards and mayor at the gate revealed the area was experiencing bandit trouble, but with noone willing to abandon their farms, and no one to send out for a message, the town was stuck. The party was hired on as extra guards, and general troubleshooters. The mayor specifically requested they retrieve a particularly stubborn farmer.